The Perfect Afternoon in Marrakesh!




If you want a perfect Friday afternoon in Marrakesh then this is the itinerary for you. You begin your day with a great lunch. Now there are many places to eat in Moroccan food in Marrakesh and there will be many options however me and my friends really lucked out as we had the most delicious lunch at AL FASSIA. This was only the second time I was going to have Moroccan food and I really wanted to get to know the cuisine more intimately.

Al Fassia was located in this beautiful building that looked art deco to me. There was a fine gentleman in a fez hat that opened our door and lead us to the table. The tables were mostly small though and since we were like 8 we had to squeeze in the biggest table they had which was actually for 6. LOL! The restaurant was divided into two areas and we decided to sit by the windows with the great Marrakesh light.

We were all so hungry and decided to order up a storm. We began with these amazing pastilles which are like meat pies with flaky pastry coverings as light as air. Inside was either meat, poultry or seafood. I for one loved the sea food and the pigeon with the unique combination of savoury, sweet with a large hit of cinnamon. This is a must order when you come here. We ordered half a dozen types of rich tangine’s dishes composed of chicken and lamb. Each dish more aromatic than the next. I for one loved the tangy lamb tagine which felt like it was cooking for hours on end. We also ordered a great lamb roast with a thick spicy sauce all over it that was really incredible. One of the best meals I had in Marrakesh this restaurant is a must visit.

Being Filipino the best after lunch activity was to do some great shopping. It was a Friday that day and most of the souk stores in the Medina would be closed so our guide decided to bring us to building with most of arts and crafts of Morocco at a reasonable price. Looking back now I thought that this was a good place with great prices and none of the haggling that usually comes with shopping at the souk. We all loved the “Mall” experience and got a few items that would remind us of our Marrakesh adventure.

As a final treat we all headed for the Hotel La Mamounia. This hotel was famous for being the favorite hotel of Sir Winston Churchill. I really wanted to visit as I have seen photos of the hotel and it looked so romantic and luxurious. The hotel was all that and more. Decadent, fabulous and mesmerizing We walked around for a few minutes and admired the hotel and it’s amenities and retired in the bar.

The bar with this dark wood interiors and saffron colored sofas. We all were so parched due to the heat and had some refreshing iced lemonade. Morocco has the best citrus fruits and this was a really good refreshing drink to have. The best thing about hotels like La Mamounia is the staff. The interaction with them really made the difference. Our waiter knew immediately we were Filipinos and chatted with us with a few Tagalog phrases that immediately made us feel at home and welcome. So as we clinked our lemonades ( sadly our photos were blurry) we cheered and toasted to what we all considered a perfect afternoon in Marrakesh.