The Pig & Palm Cebu!




I flew in recently to the beautiful city of Cebu to celebrate the 50th anniversary celebration of the Jewellery company called ORO CHINA. I was so thrilled to see on the agenda that there was going to be a dinner at Jason & Ira Atherton’s The Pig & Palm restaurant. http://thepigandpalm.ph
I am a fan of Jason’s work and I was fortunate enough to meet the dynamic couple during the opening of the restaurant last year. So to be able to come back and have dinner again at this place was a real treat. I was also so happy to have my sister Venisse there with me as we rarely have aFriday night out. So, to have her enjoy this with me was a real blessing. This visit however was more relaxed and I was able to fully appreciate the finer details of the restaurant’s interior. Inspired by confessional boxes the warm wood and stone dominates the design theme accented by metallic touches. I personally loved the lighting fixtures as they were all so terribly chic!
The meal began with an array of appetisers that were all so delicious and beautiful. The highlight of my dinner was the fresh Tuna Tataki dish and the simple roast chicken with a creamy risotto! These dishes for me hit the spot. I loved the simplicity and the honesty of the dishes and I really was so happy to be there. Do take a look at my recent visit of The Pig and Palm! thank you so much Oro China for the invitation.