The Quinta Da Regalaria in Sintra, Portugal




There were so many castles, and palaces to visit in Sintra, Portugal however the most fascinating for me was the Quinta Da Regalaria. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quinta_da_Regaleira This Unesco world heritage sight could best be described as a gothic fantasy theme park filled with the most intriguing “surprises”

One of these surprises were the several tunnels, water features that lead you to a labyrinth like experience. One could really spend several hours in the park but my friends and I only had one hour so we headed immediately to the “Initiation well” which was so surreal. This well was really not for collecting water but was utilized as initiation rites for the Tarot. I still really need to read more about this mysterious practice but as I was moving around the well my mind was absolutely racing.

The palace together with the gardens are the most visited attractions in Sintra. It’s really the best way to see how people would entertain themselves in the past. I wouldn’t want to be here after dark as my imagination would make me freak out. Take a look as this place really looks like a set of either a romantic film or a horror film. LOL!