#TheWanforAnne part one!




I have been fortunate to witness many of my friends celebrating their love through marriage. Each one a very special memory and experience. My friends Erwan and Anne recently got married and it was one of the most magical weddings that I have ever been invited to.

The wedding venue and the reception sites were kept as a surprise for everyone. We all took a bus to the wedding venue which was so lush and charming. The bride and groom provided nourishment while waiting for everyone to arrive. I couldn’t help but get lost in all the green. It was really such a welcome treat for us who live in the city. The minute we arrived everyone just started enjoying the beautiful environment. There was a strict color code to the wedding party and it was like literally walking into a fashion editorial as everyone looked sharp and gorgeous. After a few minutes I found our groom looking extremely dapper in his loden green three piece suit accented by a lapel pin in the shape of a spoon. I really loved that touch as Erwan is one of the most respected foodies in our country.

This spoon pin was also worn by his grooms men who all wore a rich cinnamon three piece ensemble accented by an amber tie and a light blue shirt. I really appreciated the colouring of the wedding party as it was thoughtful and unusual. Once the guests had arrived we were all lead to the place of ceremony. The walk toward this was lined with the most beautiful trees and as the birds sang to us we were politely reminded to put our phones and cameras down so that we could really enjoy the service.

I liked that touch as it really made so much sense. Often we catch ourselves trying to capture the moment on our devices and more often than not missing what is truly essential. The wedding service would take place in a forest which had what looked like an abandoned church. The simplicity of it all was breathtaking and as we took our seats and placed our phones away the wedding began.

Words truly escape how magical the entire experience was. The service was serene and solemn. This was punctuated by a duo of singers that sand some of the couples favourite songs. I particularly loved the sounds of the birds while the service was happening. The word that keeps coming to mind was MAGIC! It was just that. From the minute Anne walked in wearing an ivory coloured lace gown which was had a sweetheart neckline and fitted bodice which exploded into these wonderful layers of tulle and lace. Her hair was shoulder length with a natural wave and her beautiful face just beaming with joy. That for me was absolutely mesmerizing.

However the moment that I will never forget were the vows that they gave to each other. It was truly a match made by God. They echoed each sentiment and profoundly inspired each and everyone of their guests with the love they have for each other. Every small hair in my back was standing as they said there vows to each other.

After the service we all greeted the newly weds and enjoyed the rest of the surrounding. We were then transported to the wedding reception venue which was also another secret. Part two awaits.