#TheWanforAnne Welcome party!




What a blessing and privilege it is to see the world and to be a witness to our friends most cherished memories. The reason why we are in New Zealand was the wedding of our friends Erwan and Anne. By now most people that will be reading my blog would have seen images on this magical union. I blog mostly to remember. I do this so that one day I can look back and recall these amazing memories. I for one will not soon forget though the memories I made during this trip.

We were all invited to the welcome party which was at Arthur’s point. A secret location with the an amazing view of this river nestled in a valley. The minute Nix and I arrived we both smiled from ear to ear and marvelled at the scenery. The colors were all bursting to life and the verdant vegetation seems to be blazing with light and joy.

The bride to be Anne was the first one to greet us. There she was all glowing and giddy with her hear shaped sunniness and her exquisite Vera Want tulle gown. She looked very relaxed and so happy to see us all. The theme of the wedding party was dress like you were building a fire or look like your heading to an amazing music festival. Everyone got into the spirit of the theme and I was just so happy taking each and everyones looks as they passed me.

The atmosphere was just joyous. We were all anticipating freezing weather however as luck would have it the sun came out and we were all blessed with this amazing sun and light. Wonderful music was being played the entire time as delicious wines were being served. I was having a total ROSE moment as it was really yummy.

The setting was beautiful as they had these vintage campers dispensing cocktails and some of the most photogenic picnic food I have ever seen. We were then greeted with some short and funny speeches highlighted by a surprise Mauri presentation that really set the tone to where we are in the world. It was all in all a fantastic welcome to this amazing experience.