En route back to Tokyo from KAMAKURA we saw the YOKOHAMA stop. Nix and I looked at each other and said lets get off. Nix is actually the more spontaneous traveler between the two of us. I like things pre-planned and organised to a fault. However I have learned that there is something about seizing the moment and just doing things off the cuff. You really don’t know what’s out there till you try it. We had a few hours on our hands so we explored.

Armed with our gadgets we walked around town and felt like it was a more serene Tokyo. The city is actually the second largest in Japan after Tokyo and it’s so modern. We wanted to catch the sunset with a view of mount FUJI and we certainly got this. My tip is to head up an hour or to at the Grand Tower viewing deck and nestle yourselves in one of their sofa’s with a drink in hand and just watch nature put on a show. It was really fabulous. One day I will plan a trip to see Mount FUJI closer but for now this was really beautiful.

After the sunset we appreciated the city more above the viewing deck as we saw all the lights change and transform and brought this city to life. To be honest I cannot wait to explore YOKOHAMA more because we only had around 3 hours to go around so that is on top of my list when we get back.