I was excited to head off to Berlin as it was my very first time to visit. The flight from Split was under 3 hours and as we landed I noticed a whole lot of green. We stayed in a service apartment called the Adina and I was really surprised by the size of the flat. It was huge and I liked the layout. https://www.tfehotels.com
First thing on the agenda was to take a spinning class. We have been enjoying ourselves too much on the trip and even if we walk an average of 15,000 steps a day I felt that we needed to exercise more. LOL! The great thing about this was the class was literally 5 minutes from our hotel.

It was a real trip going to a class in Berlin as the music and the instructor was a hoot. Imagine as Jennifer Lawrence looking gal instructing your class but sounding like Arnold Swartzenger in a full on EDM DJ extravaganza. I felt that it was the perfect way to welcome us in Berlin.

After the class we balanced this out by a proper German Beer garden dining experience. We were lead to http://dasmeisterstueck.de which was a more modern German Dining experience. We were a bit daunted with the menu as there were more than a hundred beers listed but thankfully we were able to navigate this. Dinner was like a sausage fest with home made sausages and the most delicious sauerkraut that I have ever had in my life! The surprise of the evening was the Asian inspired sausage which ended up to be my favourite. We ended our night with a nice walk home only interrupted with someone trying to steal my watch! Good things I had my wits about myself and averted the situation. The lesson here is always be vigilant and aware. No matter where you are in the world one must be careful as not to be taken advantage off.