Bau Haus and the SOHO house, Berlin!




Berlin is home to more than 100 museums, each giving the visitor much insight and information on a multitude of interests. Nix and I share a love of design, and one such school of design that began in Berlin is BAU HAUS. Because of this, we were both very interested in visiting the Bau Haus museum. http://www.bauhaus.de/en/ The Museum is actually very, very small and I found it wanting and lacking in depth. It was just a single floor really and I wish that it was better.

Good thing we were looking forward to visiting the SOHO HOUSE, Berlin https://www.sohohouseberlin.com/en This is the epicenter of what's hip and happening in the city. You can actually stay here as it’s also a hotel but we were visiting Nix’s friends for drinks on the roof top. The weather that afternoon was really beautiful. The sun was out and everyone was keen to get their clothes off and get into the pool. I, for one, was really happy just people-watching and enjoying the view. LOL! I loved the interiors and the really chill vibe of one of the houses, and although taking photos wasn't allowed, I stole a few shots in the House. I think I would want to stay in The Soho House next time I get back to Berlin.