Comptoir Darna in Marrakesh!




We travelled all the way to Morocco for the wedding of our friends Valentina and Charina. Most of us have never been to Marrakesh so our hosts organised a casual welcome dinner at this place called Comptoir Darnahttp://www.comptoirmarrakech.com . It’s a restaurant slash club slash show space that was just spectacular.

The name of the restaurant was really auspicious as Darna means home in Arabic/Berber and in Filipino it is a mythical super hero that has captured the imagination of many for several generations. That was the magic of the restaurant. We entered the dark space and were lead to these low tables. The fragrant smell of baked cinnamon goods was permeating in the air and I knew that it was going to be a magical evening. As we sat down to eat the food slowly started arriving. First were these delicious baked parcels called Pastilles. Which were very thin filo like dough baked crisp with a certain lightness that was just beautiful. Inside was a sweet/savory combination of either pigeon or seafood. That for me was the perfect introduction to Moroccan cuisine. It was different and distinct and absolutely delicious.

Then came a slew of Moroccan salads each more exquisite and exotic than the next. Finally the main course arrived via a majestic roast lamb that was simply scrumptious. The evening continued with a grand show of belly dancing and acrobatic displays of women incredibly balancing and whirling a platter of candles on their heads! LOL!

We them moved upstairs with lots of dancing and a DJ playing Afro/Arab tracks that was so good! I mean this is how you begin your Moroccan adventure.