Crackers, Berlin!




One of the joys I always discover when I travel is how I love to ride a bicycle. Each time I get on one I tell myself that I would get myself a bike when I get home. However, I never do. In fact, as I write this, I think about how happy I was on a bicycle and how our trip to Berlin really became more enjoyable as we began riding. At around €12 a day, it was a virtual steal.

We rode our bikes to dinner one evening at this place called Crackers, Berlin http://crackersberlin.com The restaurant is really quite an experience as the entrance is really hard to find and you enter through the kitchen. The restaurant used to be a club where EDM and house music were prevalent. It recently reinvented itself as a restaurant, but the vestiges and feeling of a club was still very much present. In fact, they still have DJs on certain nights.

We began our dinner with a few delicious cocktails at the bar and we were entertained by the bartender who was a trip, or was on a trip as he was really hyper. LOL! We then moved to our table which was nice as we got to see the entire room. However, the chairs were wobbly and uncomfortable. The meal was delicious and wonderfully cooked. We had some beef Tartar followed by perfectly cooked lamb chops. The drawback was the service as it was as if our server wasn’t interested in us at all as she was disengaged and lost. In fact, one of our orders failed to arrive! So, that being said, the food and drinks were good but the service was questionable.

We biked around more in other areas of Berlin that evening and enjoyed the cool night air. I felt like I was a kid all over again and promised myself once more to get myself a bike in Manila.