When ever I told anyone who has been to Berlin that I was heading to the city they all told me that I had to visit KADEWE! http://www.kadewe.de At first I was like hmmm…. Why is everyone so excited for me to head over to a department store? However after reading about it I knew that this was going to be a must visit. So Nix and I decided to make a day of it. We decided to have a long lazy brunch in KADEWE because the food floor will blow your mind!

It was really quite something to behold and if you love and enjoy food like I do this will be like a place close to heaven! We first moved around and planned our strategy on how were going to tackle this. We began our little food fest with the cold station. German food is wide and diverse but they do cold food so well. Needless to say it was absolutely delicious. We then moved over to have fish as our main course. So we had a bit of the sole cooked in brown butter with a side of capers and some cream sauce. Nix and I always love SOLE and this was simply divine. We ended our meal with a coffee and some small pastries that were just calling out our names. LOL!

Our Kadewe experience was really wonderful as it was just so nice to be surrounded with so many variety and food. I mean even the array of Tomatoes where just smashing. It really made me smile. After all that eating we did a bit of cardio window shopping and enjoyed looking at all the beautiful things that were on display. I love window shopping but not actually shopping. People who know me will attest that I am one of the most particular shoppers as I think about what I buy with deep thought.

We wanted to walk some more and headed to the Gay museum which was small and a bit underwhelming but I felt like I wanted to see because Berlin is one of the most “gay” cities in Europe. LOL! I did take a few images of interesting art that you can see