Lebensfern & Einstein's café




One of things that I have learned in all my travel is to be open to surprises and let the place discover you as much you discover the place. Such is the case when we discovered The Leberstern Bar and Einstein Café http://www.cafeeinstein.com/en/lebensstern-cocktailbar. We randomly walked in a really chic vintage home store and chatted up the owner and she informed us about this lovely bar and restaurant. Little did we know that this place was a real hip bar and hotspot. So much so that the Hollywood film “Inglorious Bastards” was actually filmed in the home.

The bar and restaurant is an old Villa owned by a Jewish family. Thank goodness it was preserved and so everyone can enjoy. I had a few delicious Gin & Tonic’s using some of the bar’s collections of Gin’s sourced from all over the world.

We decided to have dinner at the restaurant below and we got lucky as they had a table to spare. As I said we didn’t even realize that the restaurant was on all the guide books as having the best veal in town. So happily we ordered this with a side of the seasonal white asparagus which was super delicious! We couldn’t have asked for a better experience to think that none of it was pre-planned and we just late fate and the universe guide or way.