The Berlin Agenda!




On our first full day in Berlin, I wanted to get a feeling of the city and get my bearings. The first thing I realized is that Berlin is really such a large city. The sidewalks are like our main streets and the main streets are like our Highways. The city spacing is very wide and although you can actually walk around it’s easier really to just get on a bicycle and go.

The key here is to really get a very central hotel so that you can navigate your way around. We decided to just focus in Berlin and gave ourselves enough time to really get to know the place. The city is quite beautiful and I appreciated that there were loads of parks and green areas. We began our day with a walk around the Museum Island. Berlin is world famous for having so many museums in the world. One just needs to focus on what you’re interested in and it’s available for you.

Nix and I opted for a walking tour of Berlin. The tour is around 4 hours long but it gives you a great way to get your bearings and return to the places that catches your interest. I for one really wanted to go to most of the museums on the Museum Island but due to the lack of time decided to visit the New Museum.

The architecture of Berlin is really interesting as there are several movements that defined the city. You have the monolithic Communist period buildings that are really quite foreboding and you have the dramatic structures that really feel like the city was showing off.

What was on my bucket list was the Jewish Memorial. I saw this on a photo once and I really wanted to see it. Nix has been to Berlin before and I was so fortunate to have him there to plan out what was best to be seen. The Memorial for the Murdered Jews in Europe is a must visit! Not only is the architectural design so moving the museum underneath the memorial puts a lot of things in perspective. I come from a generation that really has not experience what it is meant to be in a war so having this experience for myself is really important. https://www.visitberlin.de/en/memorial-murdered-je...

From there we walked to what remains of the Berlin Wall. There are two sides of the wall the you will see. One part of the wall is just plain and underwhelming while the other one has been turned into a mural celebrating modern contemporary art. Both of which were quite a spectacle and worthy of a visit.

My impression of Berlin is that it’s a city of great contrasts. I felt a certain sense of freedom and a great liberality. It’s a beautiful city filled with great things to see and these images are some of my memories of my first full day.