The Jewish Museum - Berlin!




One of the things on top of my to do list on my trip to Berlin was to visit the Jewish Museum. https://www.jmberlin.de/en I was deeply interested in the culture as I actually know very little about it. I was also very interested on several levels to see the museum. First to understand more about what really occurred during the war and to also see the stunning museum which was on its own is really quite remarkable.

What I took away from it was a great sense of history of the Jewish culture in Europe. It was eye opening and I highly recommend this to anyone coming to Berlin. The entire visit will take you more than 2 hours and it will really blow your mind. To be honest it was a lot to take in but I am really happy that I got to visit and learn a bit of what Jewish culture is all about.

The main treat for me was as the garden outside the museum was an explosion of Wisterias that was just absolutely breathtaking. I haven’t seen anything like it and it was really quite a gift to see this after all the despair and darkness that the Jewish museum was all about.