The Souks of Marrakesh!




When I travel it’s almost mandatory for me to seek out the Market. More so if it’s the famed souks of Marrakesh. This mammoth labyrinth of alleys and passages that have been in existence for centuries was really calling my name. So on a bright early morning me and my friends headed out to the Souks and literal took it all in.

It’s always wise to get a guide to take you around this is the more efficient way to do the market. Specially if your short in time. However, if you have the luxury of time I love the idea of getting lost in the market and see what this offers you.

My friends and I just really wandered all around and took a gander at what was to offer. I for one wanted to see as much as I can. To touch the textures, smell the pungency of the the throbbing city of Marrakesh and really get inspired. I was surprised how calm it all was perhaps it was early in the morning and the hum and buzz was just starting. What I did notice was this earthy red ochre color that distinctly washed the market in the same hue. There was so much more colors though and the patterns were all so magnificent.

There was actually a method to the chaos as each part of the market sold specific things like metal works, shoes, bags, plates, spices and fruits and the famous argan oils and products. My pro tip is only engage if you’re really interested in buying the item as the haggling process can take a normal of 20 minutes. Haggling and negotiations is a way of life here and I normally would suggest slashing the price in half and work your way up from there.

We spent a good 4 hours in the market and I thought that was actually a good amount to fully take it in. Do take a look at what I saw and remember to start early as the afternoons and evenings can get extremely busy.