TIM RAUE Restaurant in Berlin!




I celebrated my birthday with a special dinner at Tim Raue in Berlin. I first heard about his restaurant while watching my favorite show on Netflix, Chef’s Table. The chef has always intrigued me, and since I was already heading to the city, I thought that it would be a great birthday treat. https://tim-raue.com/en/

We found the restaurant easily for at the entrance of the restaurant were these cheesy Chinese decorations that at first felt kitsch and in a bad way. LOL! We were immediately led to our table and the place had a strong masculine feel with great big paintings on the walls. I liked the painting in front of me, which was great, but the rest of the paintings were, to be honest, pedestrian.

The menu was easy to navigate as it was a series of several set menus depending on the number of dishes you wanted to try. Nix and I decided to do the mid-portions. I knew from my research that Chef Raue was in love with Asia and I was interested to try how he would mix Germany and with it.

There was a rapid series of snacks to begin and I found everything so amusing and familiar at the same time. One dish reminded me of sweet and spicy 'tuyo' and I smiled inside thinking I flew and booked this place, which is one of the best in the world, to eat sweet spicy 'tuyo'! The irony of it all was giving me a good chuckle.

Then came a series of delightful and light seafood and fish dishes. The best of these was the steamed fish with a lovely sauce that was just beautiful. The poultry and the pork dishes were sadly a disappointment as the chicken was lackluster and the pork was in this dreadful color and was painfully sweet that it still haunts me to this very day.

Good thing the desserts were out to save the meal! Perhaps because I am Asian and my flavor profile of Asian cuisine is attuned to what I know. So, I found the experience just mediocre. The service and the wine though was outstanding. I still had a good birthday meal and was happy that I got to try this famous restaurant.